All citizens of Planet Earth must show their concern for their fellow citizens if we are to bring peace to the world. Concerned citizens are citizens who do more than just talk about peace and democracy and freedom. Concerned citizens are missionaries for peace and love and understanding and honesty and integrity in all aspects of life in every town and every city and every state and every country in the world.

Concerned citizens show their concern for the quality of life of all of Creation as well as for the quality of life for all peoples by setting a positive example, by encouraging their clergy to address the need for stewardship of our environment in addition to our cultural and ethical values, by demanding that their elected officials meet the present and future needs of all the Earth's inhabitants both human and animal.

Concerned citizens volunteer their time to their churches, schools, and charities. They write letters to the editor of their local newspapers about quality of life concerns. They take an active role in helping to bring world peace to the citizens of Planet Earth as well as insuring the survival and well being of all Creation.

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